My Life as a Work of Art

September 2016
Laurence King

Co-authored with Katya Tylevich.

‘The star of this book is Mr. Eastham … a terrific, ferociously self-effacing writer … achingly funny … Any informed generalist reader should give My Life as a Work of Art a shot.’

Wall Street Journal

‘This is a beautiful book—a forensic description of the work, intentions and lives of popular modern artists, and an illumination of the modern art world.’

Gus Van Sant, artist and filmmaker

‘[My Life as a Work of Art is] passionate, original, perceptive and clear. And those are values inherent in all the best art criticism.’

The Art Newspaper

‘A witty and intelligent defence of contemporary art. This book is urgent!’

Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator

‘An insightful, funny and passionate tribute to creativity at its most unfettered (not to mention a vital anatomy of how art is made, sold and looked at in the twenty-first century).’

Ned Beauman, novelist

‘A godsend.’

Jonathan Jones, lead art critic at the Guardian

‘Art audiences, even artists themselves, are not spared [Eastham’s] doubt … reminding us that contrary to the title there are many art worlds, not a singular art world as such.’

Times Literary Supplement

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